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Junior Mints

'Junior Mints' were a topic of discussion at the Pink Floyd Laser show the other evening. I was curious where you bought 'Senior Mints'. Perhaps there was some larger mint that they made a smaller version of marketed as a junior version (R - posited Peppermint Patties) - which led to Peanuts and sexual innuendo with the Peppermint Patty character.

As the internets know all, I looked this up. Lo-and-behold, the answer was to be had on the repository of all consensual misinformation, Wikipedia.
Junior Mint - Wikipedia entry
The name of the product was a pun on Sally Benson's book Junior Miss, a collection of her stories from The New Yorker. These stories were adapted by Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields into a successful Broadway show. Directed by Moss Hart, Junior Miss ran from 1941 to 1943. According to the official company history, when James Welch developed and launched the product in 1949, he named the candy after his favorite Broadway show. The play was adapted to film in 1945 with George Seaton directing Peggy Ann Garner in the lead role. It became a popular candy at movie concession stands, and one product in the line is the three oz. box marketed as the "Theater Size Junior Mints Concession Candy."....
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