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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Bacus Caucusssss

Caucus was a total mess, the place was mobbed. My small district had 71 people show up.

Original Breakdown
47 - Obama
17 - Clinton
5 - Didn't understand the instructions and wrote no-one (or undecided)
1 - Kuchinich
1 - Gravel (me!)

Final Tally
50 - Obama
20 - Clinton
1 - Kuchinich

Obama got 6 delagates and Clinton got 2.

I gave a speech about the important of getting Gravel delagates to send a message about somethings that really were important to us - getting rid of stupid drug laws, getting out of Iraq quickly and allow Iraq to use the money to build Iraq and not American corporations who are profiteering greatly, and allowing same sex marriage (not just some candy-coated 'civil union crap'). He also also outspoken on closing down Guantanamo. He stands for a lot more but I only wanted to highlight the differences between him and Clinton/Obama as that is what sending a message would be about. I should have dragged people to the caucus with me, we had enough people in this household to get him 1 delagate.

I didn't convince anyone, but what really saddend me that some people didn't even know who Gravel was. That is a shame that our news media should not be allowed to live down.

Current Location: Duvall

Now I'm confused: if Kucenich got one vote in the final talley, from the original breakdown of one vote, then why didn't Gravel similarly get one vote?

First Vs Final

After the first talley people have the option of changing their vote. individual votes do not matter it is the delagates that matter, in my precint there was 71 people and 8 delagates, therefore it takes 8 people to garner a delagate.
The problem was a lot of people left early and it was too disorganized to get a count before the revote. I didn't convince 7 people to switch over to Gravel, so voting for Gravel would accomplish nothing, it looked like a bunch of peolpe had abandoned the Clinton camp (they hadn't they had just left) so I wanted to be sure she got the two delagates.

The Kuchinich person left right after the first vote, didn't even bother explaining to people why they should support Kucinich.

Ok, I'm one of the ignorant....who's Gavel?

Re: Gravel

Ok he looks interesting....did he have PR people at all dealing with the media? He's on the ballot in my state but I've certainly not heard of him.