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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Hint to Hollywood Crime Fighters

How many times have you seen this plot:
Finally the lead comes through. The last body had traces of 'substance-x' which is used in making 'product-y'. And yes, there just happens to be an abandoned 'product-y' factory on the outskirts of town - it is always on the outskirts of town.

Here is a hint, check all the abandoned factories on the outskirts of town from the get-go; you can save yourselves a lot of hassle!

Current Location: Duvall

and for TV shows...THE GUEST STAR DID IT!

Evil Mastermind Inc.

If you are a scientist working for an evil mastermind, you will not get paid, he will kill you before then end of the show.

That would have made almost every single episode of Smallville so much shorter!


I thought of this while watching Dark Angel. After I posted I watched an episode of Smallville where this exact scenario happened!

The only change was they didn't say 'outskirts of town', instead it was 'just outside of town'.

Re: Funny

It's a plot that apparently works, assuming they put in enough mildly hot girls that sometimes get possessed by the bad thing of the week and turn into sexy sluts...

You didn't by chance dress up like Jesus and go to The Cuff in Seattle last night, did you?

There was a dude there who was the spitting image... of you, not Jesus...

Wasn't me that I know of

a dude there who was the spitting image... of you
It is amazing how many fantastically handsome men there are in this town!
Although he might not have looked that much like me, I just realzed we have never met in person. Although my pictures are fairly accurate.

Funny though, I am lame when it comes to Halloween. I don't shave for a few weeks, put on an ivory bubu I got in Senegal, and grab some blackberry briars to fashion into a crown of thorns. No one ever has to ask who I am.

It first hit me as a costume when I was down in Del Mar with an ex who was very into horses (she used to do three day eventing). We were at the track and I was dressed in my bubu. Everyone made Jesus jokes.