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Dawn Wells is far sexier than Tom Hanks

joystormer and I watched Cast Away last night. It was a good movie; mostly well paced, and well shot.

I did have some trouble with the allegory/greek mythos stuff.

(Clipped for those who haven't seen the movie...)

The red-headed sculptor from the beginning was obviously Vulcan (described as having red hair) working at the forge. The wings of the logo were to re-enforce this connection and perhaps add an angelic significance to the red-headed metal-worker (I have a thing for red-headed sculptors so she was angelic from the start).

Here is where my mythology knowledge gets stretched and breaks:
Vulcan crafted the wings for Daedalus and Icarus? To help them escape the Minotaur's Labrynth? Or did Daedalus make the wings? Either way, he didn't use the wings (he must have read the story, the sun was too bright on that island to risk it).
Anyway was Vulcan the one who crafted the soul for man? Or did he just craft one soul in particular?

So with my spotty knowlege and the fact the in literature and some good movies, the missing piece or the abstracted item is usually the soul. Lots of good books are just about some hero in search of a soul. Usually when they find it, they die; I love happy endings.
I think they were trying to get across that before the forging process, he had no soul. He was just an automaton, run by the almighty clock.
So the She-Vulcan crafted a soul; meant for her hussy cheating husband, Venus. Venus didn't want the soul and marked it return to sender which was how Chuck Noland (No Land - give me a break) ended up in possession of it. He didn't use it, instead he created his own. He was able to make fire, the gift of Prometheus, he created a soul for Wilson (the sitcom god of picket fences and sporting equipment) and therefore decided to create his own soul.

Where I get confused it why does he try to kill himself and fail? Surely if he can't do something as simple as kill himself, first year students of life learn that in existence 101, he can't do something as complex as creating a soul, that has to be graduate level work.

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