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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Wikipedia Wanderings

It always fascinates me, people who post 'Boobies' to some of the RSS feeds I am on as comments. I thought it was something that you post for the 'second' comment, but I keep seeing people post it as the first response. So I decided to look it up on Wikipedia, unfortunatly I could not find it. That however did lead me to 'breast' which led me the 'WonderBra' (a Canadian invention from the 1939). Which led me to a list of 'Wonderbra Women' which led me to 'Adriana Sklenaříková' which led to the 'List of Famous Tall Women' (Short Guy Porn!).

Which has led to my new love interest!
Caroline Welz 6' 9"!

Addendum: Amazing! Short Jew Boy Porn!
Tall German Women.com

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The 'boobies' response may be a throwback to early fark.com. At one point the "first post" comments there became so bad that Drew amended his profanity-warping script that changed all "first post" strings to "boobies."

Oh, and I *heart* Wikipedia. :D


Yeah, same here. Wikipedia is cool. Thanks for the fark info.