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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Across the Universe

Father: It is what you do that determines who you are.
Max: It is who you are that determines what you do.
Jude: It is how you do what you do that determines who you are.

Tonight I went and saw Hair 2007, I mean, Across the Universe. It was fantastic, the music and visuals were wonderful. The re-archtecting of some of the Beatles songs was brilliant. Lots of little cameos, Bono, Eddie Izzard, Joe Cocker (but less than I though - I swear that was David Crosby). The story was as compelling and as relevant as Hair ever was.

I am unsure about the upbeat ending. Following Hair's plot and of course the obvious expectation, I assumed Max was going ot die in Vietnam. When he didn't it seemed that they were pulling a switch on us and were going to kill off Lucy (Lucy in the Sky With Diamond - makes sense for a song about a dead girl). In the phone booth when the riot turns bad, Lucy sings "Let it Be" just like the little black boy from the Michigan riot who we later see dead. Next we see max sitting on a boat and looking mournful, Lucy is behind him looking at him. She looks more bright and colourful than the rest of the scene. In hair Claude comes back as a ghost to see his friends. She sing some lines from Blackbird, appropriate for a ghost. Haha audience, fooled you, Lucy is still alive - for now. Next we see her leaving the room where her rebel pals are making a bomb. We learn later that the bomb exploded killing the activists. And we are led to believe from the moroseness of Jude and Max that Lucy might be dead. Nope! Fooled you.
I wonder if they had two endings and the one where Lucy died played badly to audiences. it would be a shame as the theme changes from how you do what you do to "All you Need is Love". I feel robbed of the proper ending for this story and I worry for the audience that prefers a happy ending over a meaningful one.

Love love love, ba da dum, love love love.

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There were a few of those unexpected surprises. Max wasn't a pre-med, at least that anyone could see, and the worst thing he did with a silver hammer was to bang on a fan.

Jude was cast to look like Paul, but I saw a lot of John n his character. A downbeat ending would have reminded everyone how the story really ended.


I thought Jude was more of an amalgam of John and Paul his character was certianly more John like though.