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Chuck Palahniuk

I have recently read Chuck P's (I am not retyping that last name again) book 'Choke'. For those who don't know this is the guy who wrote 'Fight Club'. 'Choke' was great and I will review it sometime.

I just started reading his book 'Haunted'. I don't think I have ever had such an experience. I was just into the first 'story' in the meta-story - Guts, by Saint Gut-Free. I was wincing at the beginning but worked my way through that part. I put it down before the end, 20 minutes ago and I am still cringing (actually shaking slightly and feeling queasy). From what I understand the stories get worse as the book goes on. This was only the first, and I don't know if I can bring myself to finish even this part!
Tags: gross, literature

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