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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

Yesterday the components for my evil experiments arrived:
1 pound of Organic Raw Cocoa Butter and 1 pound of Truly Raw Cocoa Powder.

Soon the world will be presented with Chocolate sweetened without cane (or corn) sugar or artificial sweetners.
My first attempt was with Honey, I have not checked it today because I am at work. I assume I will need to increase the cocoa butter to make it more solid however.

Next will be a combination of apple juice and honey.

I will have to find a cheaper source of Cocoa butter however! Damn that stuff is hard to find (food grade) and expensive!

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I have not had much luck with the slight bitterness of stevia, but I think you had once mentioned to me there are two kinds.

There are a number of commercially available bars made with beet sugar, including some by Endangered Species and Seattle's own Theo.

Beet Sugar

I have been to Theo's here in Fremont. I still want to take a factory tour.

From what I have heard, bett sugar is just as bad as corn syrup.

Re: Beet Sugar

Ah! Well, I suspect you'll need to use a dry sweetener, or something quite close to dry, to make hard chocolate, like a bar, rather than something more like chocolate syrup, or perhaps fudge sauce. Not that those aren't good too...

The local co-ops, and probably Whole Foods, sell maple and date sugars, as well as unrefined cane sugars, all of which are dry, if the liquid sweeteners don't work out.

Re: Beet Sugar

Thanks. Yeah, the whole reason for buying the cocoa butter and cocoa powder separate instead of just buying the cocoa liquor was to be able to control the ratio. I think I can increase the cocoa butter and get it more solid.

Maple and date sugar should be interesting to try since they have fairly unique flavours that might compliment the chocoate well.

Re: Beet Sugar

Well, I look forward to hearing how it turns out!

I recently discovered Agave Syrup. It is something to consider.

I will be looking forward to hearing about the outcome of your experiments.

Agabve Nectar

Agave Nectar is great. Much less powerfull a flavor than honey, but it is also much more liquid, so it would require more cocoa butter. It is on my list to experiment with, same with apple juice, which is way more fluid than both.

You should start a company called LlamaWear that makes chocolate. Almost-liquid room-temperature shapeable chocolate. That people can wear.


Llamas and chocolate. I should probably get some llama chocolate molds

Semi-soft chocolate might be fun for kids. They can use it like playdough and build things before they eat it. Messy but fun. Although I'm not sure how many other parents would be open to the idea, but I know my DD's would love it (Mama would too)! :)

is honey supposed to be solid?

now I'm hungry.