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Flying Dreams and Broken Machines

Last night I had a flying dream. Not one of those cool, almost sexual dreams of sailing freely through the air, but a being in an airplane dream.

The flying part of the dream was pretty short. The plane crashed into another one. Normally one would expect this to be some terrifying explosive type event, but that wasn't the case. After it happened, and we were all dead, the pilot came across the speaker to tell us what happened. Apparently the plane was somehow on the same course as another. He explained this doesn't usually happen and they are looking into what caused it. He said the airline takes killing its passengers very seriously and they do not expect this to happen again in the future. Someone made a joke about not flying on this airline again as long as he lives! Everyone laughed, it was very funny, you had to be there. I wished I had said it (it was my dream, so I guess I did).

The plane landed at the airport. I am not sure of the logistics of landing a spirit-plane maybe there is some sort of special runway for this. Everyone gets off of the plane (deplaning in airport lingo) and on to the runway, no one was quite sure what was required next. Friends and relatives of people began to show up and were confused that they could see and interact with us. We were pretty surprised ourselves. None of us really understood what was going on, most of us agreed this didn't seem to be normal. Aren't ghosts supposed to be transparent and all that jazz? We determined being dead didn't seem so bad afterall. We thought we should all just go home and probably meet and sue the airport at some future time.

As everyone started to shuffle off, Death showed up. She, Death is apparently a woman with a clipboard and a coach's whistle, told us we couldn't go back and be with the living folk since we were dead; we should come with her. This was where my big scene came in.

Some people started to walk over to her and others, like myself, just stood there. Death started to get impatient and demanded that we all came with her. I said, "No way, why should we go with you".

"I'm Death and that is the way it is supposed to work".

"Yeah", I said, "but aren't we also supposed to be intangible and stuff".

Death explained, "Yes you are supposed to be ghosts, but there seems to be something wrong with the system today; that is why I was late. It has been a really bad day in the spirit realm".

I told her I was not taking any part in some screwed up spirit world. In fact I was going home and there was nothing she could do to stop me. Everyone agreed and started to walk away.

Death blew her whistle at us, but no one cared, we just went home.

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