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Phase II - Becoming Uncultured

When I was retrieving my comics from all the various orifices of the house I noticed something I totally forgot I have; culture-in-a-box!

I have approximately 2 1/2 years of New Yorker Magazine boxed up and ready to go, spanning from sometime in 2000 to sometime in 2002, I am pretty sure it is not complete, but I would be willing to bet the September 11th 2001 issue (all black with two hard to see black towers) is there.

I am going to divest myself of this great source of cultural and political information (not to mention going-ons in NY! - want to know what play you should have seen in NY 5 years ago - this is for you). I only have two requirements - you take the whole box and the ones you don't want you find a home for or recycle.

If no one wants a box of culture within a week I will recycle.
Tags: cleanup, new yorker

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