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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Soo much shit it is no longer comic

We have far too much stuff being stored in our house. I am as guilty a culprit as the rest and with that in mind I am going to be getting rid of 'extraneous' stuff.

The first to go will be my comic book collection.
But it has value, I say; both because they are re-readable and worth something to a collector.
Truth is I never re-read them; they are not even sorted properly.
As for value, a 5x5 storage space costs $50 per month. Granted you can fit a lot in a 5x5 space but even a fraction of this shows that in the long run they are not worth holding. I would rather free up the space in the house (I will be assigning monetary value to my in home storage to help me decide what to keep).

So with this in mind. If anyone has a child/young adult that would actually enjoy a comic book collection let me know how much joy it would bring, and when you can take them; I am even willing to deliver a reasonable distance. If no suitable child is found, those with a suitable inner child are also welcome to them.

My only request is that they be enjoyed, not just sold. If I wanted to sell them, I would do that myself for the cash.

In the event they are going to a child, I will remove the few porn comics that I have. Other adult themes (murder, zombies, government - and murdering zombie governments) are not my responsibility.

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Can I have the porn comics?

I'd put my inner child on the list for the rest, but I too have stuff issues....

Beaten to the punch

Unfortunately you got beaten to the punch (over the phone).

I'm interested, especially anything that features women as heroines, co-heroes or sidekicks. But I probably can't deal with 200 cubic feet (what a 5x5 might hold). After reading, I might also be interested in being your eBayer-for-hire.


The person who is going to most likely take my comics won't have any issues if you are just interested in reading some. I can pull the few that I know of aside.

When are you going to be here for 'good' : good being a length of time > than 6 months.

You know I am all about the comic book geekery!

In line

You are in line if the first caller cannot take them.

I have the pins for the Soloflex, I will try to bring them into the city this weekend.

Re: In line

Heh, I was wondering if you got those yet!
Give a call when you know when you are coming!

If you have any spare kid-friendly ones kicking around, I could send you a SASE. (Kid-friendly not necessarily meaning aimed at kids: I might let Ael read Sandman:Season of Mists (if I didn't sell it), but not Preludes and Nocturnes for a good long while...)

No!! Not the G*****l!!!! Man, I remember you taking that out of its box, gently removing the plastic, carefully turning the pages, and then placing it back in the plastic before putting it safely away. I've still got my signed Batman and have no idea what to do with it.

btw, I saw Tom from T&J Collectibles at Bugaboo the other night. Must have been a sign. ;)