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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

I have been in sunny Florida for the past week (a nice 83 degrees today), sorry I missed the snow in Duvall!

Yesterday was not a lot of fun; I contracted some sort of stomach virus. Chills, fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting oh boy. Today I am doing much better, a slight headache and tired. I am really glad I will not be nauseous for my trip home.

Hopefully I will be able to eat some of the 20lbs of brisket that has been cooking, I am definitely staying away from the Passover wine.

Current Location: Lithia, FL
Current Mood: better

Glad to hear your update, I hope the visit has been a good one.
looking forward to seeing you again

You have to be careful when going to foreign countries. I never drink the water in Florida...

Miami's Revenge

I was actually very concerned as I had not been taking my Malaria pills.


Love you much. Hope you feel well enough for some flesh.
I am hanging out in Sedona.
All the "power" that is supposed to be here is total bull, but it is very beautiful.