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Is Amazon Stooopid?

Yesterday I ordered a few items from Amazon. Two of which are pre-orders (Harry Potter and the Next Giant Paycheck*, and Crooked Little Vein) the third is not a pre-order. I told them to group them in one order, so I don't have to worry about paying shipping. I can wait, but odds are they will ship the items as they become available (as they have in the past).

I got an email from Amazon, telling me I had to approve one of my items that was going to be delayed. Surprise, the Harry Potter book cannot be shipped before it is done. Wouldn't the fact that is a pre-order item, sort of make that a known. I guess Amazon has to cover their ass as someone might claim they didn't see all the times on the website it indicated it was a pre-order and will not ship until July and therefore sue Amazon.
I actually almost wish someone would sue Amazon over something silly like this so the judge could say, "You teh stoopid!" and the Amazon lawyers would go "Lolz!!!!". Of course it will be a good 5 years before the people who would do that would graduate from law school.

Anyway, I am waiting for Amazon to tell me Crooked Little Vein is not going to ship until it is ready.

* and she deserves every penny
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