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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Trip home today

I left work at 4:30 and just made it home. My car however did not make it home, it is on the side of the road heading up the hill to Safeway in downtown Duvall. I really wish I had purchased new tires for it already. Fortunately the XTerra had no problem, has 4 wheel drive and reasonably new tires. Wish I had taken that to work today (or that I had left at 4:00)

I hear I am luckier than most. Novelty Hill is supposedly a parking lot right now.

Current Location: Duvall

Yay, one good thing about having 3 of my tires slashed in Federal Way, was that now I have spanking brand new tires for this snow. I was in California for the last snow storm and missed it totally, so I will be cross country skiing tomorrow around the cemetery near my house ! LOL

Yep, time to take that XTerra out and make some friends of the stranded people !



Oh, sorry to hear about your tires getting slashed, that sucks, but good you can look on the sunny side.

I just got back from moving the Prius to safeway some nice person got out of his truck to help us move it. Another passerby gave me advice to switch the car into second. The prius doesn't work that way.

when I was driving home, I heard Novelty Hill Rd. was closed, but I dont' know why.

My plan was best: stay in seattle until my night class was over (9pm) and THEN head home. my commute wasn't so bad.. but I saw the cars strewn everywhere on 520. ick


Glad you made it home ok.

Wow. I can't get over the storms you guys are having! We've switched weather this year, although I'm sure we're bound to pay for it soon in lots and lots of snow.