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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Dark Again

Wee, power came on on Friday, but it is out again! Snowed last night, and snowing now.

Current Location: Duvall

Yay. Boo. Yay! Well - I mean I'd be all yay cuz I miss the snow...


I will try post some pictures soon (very few) that I took today.

Re: Snow


here's hoping you're functional there by now?

Hopefully they haven't sent al those out-of-town power crews home yet...

Power crews

Apparently they didn't power just came back on!

floggings by candlelight? how romantic!

let me know if you need a warm place to stay. you are welcome to come crash at my house and take showers, etc.

seriously. doors are open to you

this pot is making it hard to read relevant replies before i post my own.

you know what i mean?

i does, jimthecat, i does

Power is back on

But I'll be over in a few hours, you got popcorn right? Or did the munchies cause you to eat it all.

You're welcome to send some of that snow to New England. We have yet to see any on the ground.Try to stay warm.