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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Dark on the longest night

We still do not have power. tavalon and I spent last night at the un-rented Snhomish house and will be spending tonight there again. Today I picked up my log splitter and towed it home, yeah for super-powered tools.

Today I got some bad news about my step-dad he complained of dizziness, passed out and was unable to be revived nor did he respond to normal stimulus. When he did come to (in the hospital, he was very confused, but over the night was able to start making sense again. The Dr was very surprised to see him responding the next day as he was unsure my step-dad would make it.

The hospital he was in think he had a cerebral hemorrhage. tavalon says it sounds like it was a stroke (from the little information she was given). Both she and my Dr-in-law think he needs to get back to the states (they are in St. Maarten) and have an MRA done.

Current Location: Duvall, soon Snohomish
Current Music: Generator hum

I sure hope the power comes back soon!

I hope your stepdad is ok! I"m sending him my best vibes!

I think your power is back on by now, if not, you are welcome to make use of our power over here.
Didyou find matt's hat and bring it back here? or did it just magically turn up out of the blue? I wasn't sure which?


and more hugs.