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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
No power, no phone

We are stuck without power or phone (the phone was working until today) but miraculously the T1 lines is still working. With the generator running we have power - although I will be shutting it off soon for the night.

I must apologize about the weather, like the guy who washes his car on a sunny day and causes it to rain, I might be partially to blame. Last week I decided that come this Sat (today) I would work on clearing around the grapes and I knew that it would probably be a rainy any blah day and I would decide to do it next week instead and week after week that would happen bringing me to spring without having cleared around the grapes. So I said, "I am clearing around the grapes this coming Saturday, no matter what the weather brings!"


I did manage to clear around the grapes today.

Current Location: Duvall
Current Music: Droning Generator

Jen and I got power back on last night at 8PM here in Shoreline.

The vid cams around the county sure show a lot of dark matter, but that
is good for astronomers seeing stars they never did before right ? (^:

Anyway, stay warm and hope you go bowling monday so as to get warm there if you still have no power.


Jon Melusky