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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Stranger then Fiction

Last night tavalon and I went and saw Stranger than Fiction. I thought this was a fantastic movie; sure there were a couple of loose items and some unexplained character behavior (minimal), but I think the the actors did a fantastic job of making every action believable.

Emma Thompson was just brilliant.

The previews before the film just about all sucked. I can't even remember some of the crap. Unfortunately Apocalypto looked stunning. I won't be seeing it however as I am not in any mood to support Mel Gibson.

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Come on. 138 minutes of gore and Mayan with English subtitles. Okay, so Mel's a Jew hater. Do it for the Mayans!

And Grizzly is a Jew

What a coincidence! Of course, this Goy won't be supporting him either. Mel Gibson is in serious need of an intervention and while I can't give him that, I can withhold my monetary support of the moron from down under.

I am madly in love with Emma Thompson, because of "Much Ado About Nothing". So I will have to see this.

Mel Gibson did an OK "Hamlet", but all the previews and clips I saw of his blood-and-gore Easter flick disgusted me (and I was raised an Episcopalian and was very familiar with the story). So I've crossed him off my list permanently.

Anything with Emma is worth seeing. As for Mel... well.. *Shaking head* ...