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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Everyone is a police officer

So this weekend, I went to the Ayh Ranch Hostel on Vashon Island with some friends. It was lots of fun, got to stay in a Teepee watch the stars and spy satelittes overhead. The only real downfall was that joystormer had far too much school work and could not make it.

The weekend started off on a negative note. I have never been to Vashon island, and I have never taken a Ferry from West Seattle. So I was unfamiliar with the exact location of the Ferry. I was driving down Fauntleroy in West Seattle and noticed some really strange parking spaces and a sign that said, don't block driveways. I didn't make the connection because there was no sign to indicate anything about the ferry there. The woman in front of me who had been driving slowly and breaking every time the road curved more than 1 degree pulled off to the side. I assumed she did this to park in one of those spaces. It occured to me, this is probably the ferry line; and sure enough there ahead was the ferry terminal and a line of people waiting to get in. So I pulled to the side to get in line where I thought there were previously parked cars, which I then knew to be cars waiting for the ferry.
The man in the car in front of me, got out of his car and walked over to me and said. "You need to get out of line and go back to the end".
Granted, I did feel a little bad as I had passed about four cars because I did not know that it was the ferry line. But not bad enough to listen to this guy.
I tried explaing to him that this was my first time here and I didn't realize it was the ferry line. He just cut me off and told me to go to the end of the line.
So I just said, "no".
He told me he was going to tell the cop down at the end and the cop would make me go to the end of the line. I told him I doubted the cop would make me do that. He got back in his car.
The cop was no longer there when we got to the bottom. I pulled to the booth and started to pay when someone who was working there ran up said, "Don't take his money he needs to go to the end of the line".
I tried to explain to this guy (kid actually) what had happened and that I was in no rush and would be willing to pull out of line and let a bunch of people go, but I was not going to turn around and go to the end of the line. He informed me I had to. So I said, "No". He told me someone had complained about me. I told him, "I don't care".
"Well you can sit here and hold up line or I can get my manager".
"Go get your manager".
He ran away for all of about 10 seconds and returned. He pointed me to the person who was waving the cars foward and motioned me to pull up to her. Maybe she was the manager, or maybe she had been there a week longer than he.
I explained the situation to her, and told her I was willing to wait because I was in no rush. But I was not going to turn around and come back.
Meanwhile Mr. "the world must work as I say" from the car in front of me runs up to the woman. As I am talking he tells her, "You need to make him go to the end and come back".
She turned towards him and said, "Shutup".
She told me we could do as I suggested and pointed where I should wait.
I am slightly sad I didn't see the guy from the car in front of me again; I wanted to tell him they apologized for the inconvinence and gave me the ferry fare free (they didn't, but that would have pissed him off nicely).


that looks like it really hurts,....
It may take a week or two for it to heal,.. Sorry the weekend started off as a bummer for you,
and on a lighter note you handled yourself like a true gentleman. I personally have learned a great lesson for you,... Have a lovely day. :)

Re: oowweeee

A week later and it has finally started to heal. You might be right, it might take one more week.

Thanks. I hope everything is going better for you. Your journal seems to allude at some bad happenings. Good luck getting everything square.

Re: oowweeee

Yes it is the only pleace i can vent,.. We are going thru A Re-organization within my work place.
It is stressful, and being married to a police officer can and is stressful at times,... This is where the journal comes in, I "release" here.

It will and does get beeter,.. Marrage will always have it moments.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!! :)