Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

The Other Stuff

Some Good
Went for a nice ride to Hurricane Ridge with joystormer on Friday; we sort of attempted to me BikerChick and some of her friends there but the ferries and traffic were not accommodating. We met her there, but arrived an hour after she had; they had already gone hiking. Joystormer and I will probably go camping there soon (maybe next weekend).
We did manage to end up on the same Ferry back as BikerChick and then went for dinner and drinks with her and her friends.
Some Bad
When I got home Shilo, a little Beagle that I am dog sitting for, had gotten out of his cone (lampshade). He has terrible skin problems that causes him to tear himself apart, and won't be able to get to the dermatologist for about a week and a half more. The lampshade keeps him from doing too much damage.
Joystormer took him for a walk (to distract him from his self destructive tendencies) while I fixed up the cone collar, it was pretty broken, but fixable with some thin wire (no, not in such a way where the wire would touch or bother the dog).
Some Ugly
Later on, about midnight, Shilo decided there was something worth getting underneath the chair. Barney came over to investigate also and Shilo attacked him. This has happened a few times before, usually Barney growls back and they eventually just let it go when one stands down, but this time Barney bit Shilo. I am not sure if Barney was fed up or Shilo was actually trying to bite him (but couldn't because of the cone). I grabbed Barney by the hind legs and pulled him off of Shilo; Shilo took this opportunity to lunge at Barney again (silly dog). I scooped up Shilo and brought him into the bathroom and shut the door. Shilo had some blood. So I got some Hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls and tended to Shilo's wounds. I was able to get cotton squares over the bites and there didn't seem to be any new blood. In hindsight, I should have taken Shilo to the emergency clinic this night, Beagles don't have much space between there outsides and their insides. Barney could have easily punctured one of Shilo's lungs or broken some of his ribs.
I did take Shilo to the vet the next morning. The x-rays indicate nothing is wrong inside (they are being sent to a radiologist just to be sure). He needed a few stitches and some drains put in. We will be able to pick up up at the vet tomorrow morning. My friend should be home this evening, this will be a fun conversation.

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