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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
With friends like these...

I am staunchly pro-choice, I am a radical liberal capitalist. I regularly give money to Planned Parenthood, I have given money to Naral Pro-choice in the past.

But Naral is starting to get on my nerves.
There was the blatantly misleading ad about Judge Roberts. I understand the man has a gaping hole in his head when it comes to privacy issues and the constitution, but misleading people is wrong. Attacking FactCheck.org for pointing it out is just stupid.
When you lie or mislead you lose credibility.

Today's mailing just made me scratch my head.
It was about their new movie, "Creatures From The Far Right".

Starring South Dakota Governor Rounds as Ban-a-thor!
Featuring U.S. Senate candidate from Florida, Katherine Harris, as Swamp Thing!

Really, does this kind of childish name calling help. Heck, it might even be a good movie, I am not going to waste my time however. Being juvenile is fine for entertainment; politics should not be a juvenile exercise.

Thanks NARAL, next time I am at the playground and some pro-life 8 year-old sticks his fingers in his ear and blows a raspberry at me I know just what to show him.
But I don't spend time on playgounds or freeper sites; therefore I don't need this kind of information.

I always thought misleading lies and silly attack ads were for the other side. I thought our side was the one that dealt in simple truth and honesty.
Please NARAL, don't make me have to say it, "There is nothing to see here, go about your business"

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i was digusted by naral over their complicity in the alito nomination. jane at firedoglake sums things up well (with her first two links). http://www.firedoglake.com/2006/05/15/naral-ct-head-backs-ned-lamont/

Off Topic

but you've been on my mind, ALOT lately

Re: Off Topic

Really? How have you been doing?

Re: Off Topic

yes ... really.

I've been better *grin* The past two weeks have been crazy Hell in a handbag.

Thatsa why liberals lose. U R such a bunch a pussy-whimps. Trying to take the high ground all the time. What U need is a little Ann to spice up your life:

Can't argue with logic like that, and that's why the elephants won two elections.


My Hero

Ann is sooo smart, I *heart* her.

It is Americans such as she, dedicated to the abolute truth, not scared of the liberal, Americia hating, media that allows me my GOD given (not Allah, not Buddah, not 'The One Great Giant Turtle with a Turban') Americian right to hate everyone who doesn't speak English! If GOD wanted us to speak another language he would have written the Bible *thump* in something like Greek or Aremeic.