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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Six-zero, a bold move...

In the cafeteria at work there is a large screen (two actually) set up showing ESPN so people can watch the spectacle that is the World Cup. It appears that even with the World Cup there are just not enough real sports to fill an entire 24 hour period. The other day I walked in and they were showing a dominoes competition; replete with serious, in-depth commentary on every move.

What is the actual definition of 'sport'; it seems it has somehow taken on the definition for 'game'? When is the world series of monopoly going to be on? I don't even know what Canasta is, but I like saying it, when is that on?

I am sorry, but dominoes is not a sport. If there even were a dominoes team in high school, it only existed because some people couldn't make the cut for the chess team.

Next week on ESPN: The world series of blogging!
"ooooooh did you see that move, iamnotadog posted to two communities at once without a requisite crosspost warning, that is gonna cost him some netiquette points"

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Next Week on ESPN: The UNO Championship
Broadcast live from the Highlands of Scotland; when all is said and done, there can be only one!
Yes I have been watching Highlander.

ow.... my head hurts at the thought...

I thought a sport was a game that induced heavy breathing in the participants, but apparently not.

The World Cup insanity is happening where I work, too. I'm such a dork about such things that I asked a really stupid question in a meeting: "How come we didn't have this soccer frenzy last year?" I sure did feel stupid when I learned the answer.