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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
In the City of Shy Hunters

You're going this way, something happens, then you're going that way.

I have a new favourite book, "In the City of Shy Hunters". Tom Spanbauer is also the author of "The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon", and while that was a good, amusing, well written book, it did not have the power of Shy Hunters.

There was an overarching theme of man and fate.

The main character, Will, is a gay cowboy (an Idahomo) who comes to New York in search of Charlie 2Moons, his true love and the only man he can get it up for. Just like all men, but in a more forward manner, Will's search for his true love and his erection is a search for his true self. You can steal a man's soul by painting a picture of his limp penis. Until a man turns his penis into his own performance art, he is at the whimsy of the world.

One of Will's many catchphrases is, "You're going this way, something happens, than you're going that way". You can plan your life but the course it takes is based on events outside your own self. Is this something you want to just accept with joy, such as when the Indians would lay back on their horses, 'going slack', and let the horse take them where it wanted to go? Or with a fearful acceptance as shown in the game 'Walk/Don't Walk' where a character determines their destination by the walk lights at each corner? When you get to the corner, you go the direction fate is steering you by following whichever walk light is currently on, knowing that you will end up back in 'Dogshit Park'. Perhaps you acknowledge fate, take it in your own hands and make performance art out of it.

If the Archbishop claims AIDs is punishment from God for the sin of homosexuality and you sodomize him, giving him the gay plague, have you superseded your humanity and like god are in control of fate.

He is dubbed "William of Heaven" by Ruby Prestigiacomo (Magician), one of the many 'Stranded Soul Searching for God' (in Ruby's case he looks in vials of heroin), who falls in love with him at first site.

Is man's life more than just being the will of heaven? Should we accept fate, riding slack into the sunset, or should we stand in the saddle and perform spectacular vaults to amuse whomever might be watching.


Hey! I just noticed the picture! Are you wearing glasses now?!?!!?!?

Old picture

Those are sun glasses (which I lost, I really liked that pair). I also have a sunburn in that picture. It was right after the Fremont Solstice parade a couple of years ago.