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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Coffee is not my Hero

I am drinking a double tall latte. Not decaf. I wanted a mocha, but from small mistakes I have learned that any really sugar sweet item give me heartburn.

I have gotten almost no work done this week. I am really unable to focus. I have so much stuff to do before I leave for vacation on the 9th. I am taking this vacation whether or not I am welcome where I was planning on going.

Hopefully the coffee will kick in. I hope this one drink doesn't cause me to have a headache later. I don't want to go through caffeine withdrawal again. I hate relying on drugs, but my problem solving circuits are overtaxed right now. I think the dielectrics in my brain logic capacitors are all clogged with non logic conductive emotion particles.

Current Music Hero In Me Jeffrey Gaines

Current Mood: Insufficiently Drugged

no caffeine? getting work done?

where do you work, man? ;)

it's all about juiced up pong!

"non logic conductive emotion particles"

yep... those things can really gum up the works.

here's hoping the coffee doesn't come back to haunt you - headache style. I've just been doing the job hunt *sigh*


There is hope. Perhaps with time you'll understand that emotion particles are more conductive than you think.

Until then, I'm with Tawnee - Breathe.

interested in CHMS

stumbled onto this webpage, read your comment about EXOS inc, and the CHMS
i am a research assistant at a hospital, and we have your system
that they purchased back in 1993. the hand therapist still raves about
the device, and she wanted to get in touch with you.
wondering if anybody still makes them?
if you could reply to CVSTARR@gmail.com, id really appreciate it.
sorry if you dont like to be contacted like this, i apologize

sending you hugs................