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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
The hair of the butt

My manager decided to grow his hair long again. Apparently his hair will stick up a bit before it falls back down, so he uses some hair stuff to keep it down. I noticed when he was getting up from the lunch table today that from the back the way it is styled it looks like Butthead's hair (from the cartoon).

In retrospect I probably shouldn't have told my manager that he looks like butthead.

Current Mood: Amused

This has nothing to do with hairy butts, or maybe it does, but when is the next bowling night and where and what time again? I haven't been in ages and ages and would like to come knock down some pins again soon - or at least make a valient effort to do so...could you help a gal out with some info?



Monday nights 9:30 at imperial lanes in Seattle (Rainer and 23rd).

Bowling has soo much to do with hairy butts one can not fully comprehend how much it has to do with hairy butts.

Re: Bowling


I will let you know when I am going...Jim is off to India for two weeks or so in early February, so I will try to go before then...unless I can get a babysitter (hard to do when school is in session)...

:) Thanks so much for the info! Oh, and I am far too familiar with the hairy ass syndrome when it comes to bowling! ;)

Butthead. heh-heh. heh-heh. heh.


peek a boo

Back at you

I take it you got my email then. Larger ones to follow, if I am sort on time I will just increase my font size.