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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market, Inc. (WFMI, Trade) today announced that its Board of Directors approved a 20% increase in the Company's quarterly dividend to $0.30 per share, a special dividend of $4.00 per share, and a stock repurchase program of up to $200 million over the next four years. The Company also announced that its Board of Directors approved a two-for-one stock split, the Company's third two-for-one split since going public in 1992. Dividend amounts are presented on a pre-split basis.

In a separate release, the Company today announced that for the fiscal year ended September 25, 2005, it produced $411 million in cash flow from operations, invested $324 million in capital expenditures of which $208 million was related to new stores, and paid approximately $55 million in dividends to shareholders. For the fiscal year, cash and equivalents, including restricted cash, increased $124 million to approximately $345 million, and long-term debt decreased $152 million to approximately $19 million. At year end, the Company had approximately $88 million available on its $100 million credit line.

It is nice when a company you invest in that you actually like does well!

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hey, that is so cool!

This week was pretty trashed for time, but we should arrange something next week, how about sunday after tai chi?