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On posting and cat doors

When I first started Live Journal I had not problem jotting a quick entry as to what I did the day before. As time went on I started to feel I needed to have more to say, 'someone is going to read this, and damn I want to impress'. This would cause me to post less and less. The longer the time between posts the more insightful I started thinking I needed to be. As if there was some constant of insightfullness that is spread out among journal entries; the more entries I post the less insightfull each one is, but if you add up the total insightfullness of each post you will come out with constant over some period of time. Like Kepler's R^3/T^2 for an orbital system, only my entries are not planets and and my insights are not areas of space.

The original purpose if this is to keep me informed of what is going on in my life no matter how mundane. So with that in mind, I have an entry:

I peed three times today so far and have had one bowel movement. I assume I will have another before the day is through. Look the sun. See no insights to be had (or no insights one would want to have).

Oh and Korbin has a cat door now, it will be interesting to see if he figures out how to use it today. I have had the opening without the door on it for a few days and he had no problem. This will be much better than an open window. I even insulated the 'plug' I replaced the glass with. I just need to finish up the box/cabinet he will climb up on to use it. I am going to put a carpet on the top for him to wipe his feet with.
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