Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Barney and Kato

Yesterday evening joystormer and I took Barney over to who_is_she's and place to meet Kato. With a few exceptions they seemed to get along well (it was probably helpful that we brought Banrney over to Marimoor park before hand so he was all dogged out.

Went back with Barney tonight for a visit, he saw his first horse (that I know of). He must have thought that was the biggest damned dog he has ever seen. Since this dog was 10 times his size Barney thought it appropriate to growl and bark at it; a display of ferociousness if I ever saw one. The horse totally ignored him

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  • Had a thought today

    I should copyright my DNA. Then if I were ever sued for paternity, I could counter-sue for copyright violations for the derivative work!

  • New 3 Mile Time

    Beat my old time by a few seconds, but the old time was with no incline, the new time is at 1% 3 miles @ 1% incline - 20 minutes 54 seconds.

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