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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

Last night was my first night alone in the house since we put Barney down. Although it is hard being here without him, it is hardest right when I arrive home and he is not at the door. I keep having instinctual moments of looking up to see where he is, the instant I have them I realize he won't be there. I was thinking about this earlier and although I was in the act of thinking about Barney not being here, I looked in to the other room to see if he needed to go out. Looking after him was a strong habit.

When I am not home I have a nagging feeling that I should be.


I'm so sorry :(

*big hugs* I know how that is, I kept hoping Alvin would come up on the porch wanting back in the house, weeks after he'd been gone :/

I'm sorry for your loss... it's the hardest thing to endure. *random stranger hug*

I think maybe that's what I was trying to spare you

When I suggested you stay at the Barge the other night. But, it had to happen eventually, didn't it. It is so hard every time I come out there. I keep expecting to hear him in the backyard or see him peering out of the front window.

I'm sorry. I wish like everything that this could have been avoided. I love you.

I'm so sorry, Hon. I can't image how hard this is for you. It takes time to go the stages off loss. *Big hugs*

He is there, but he doesn't need to be let out and he doesn't need to be fed. He just needs to sit quietly with you and protect you. He is now one of your angels.