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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Atheists make the best friends

We often wonder after someone has died if we should have spent more quality time with them. We worry if we said goodbye properly. Now that they are gone we sometimes even question if we were a good enough friend. All these various doubts presuppose that there is no meeting in the afterlife. Perhaps if we believe in the kind of afterlife where we will meet these people again we wouldn't worry so much because there is really no last opportunity to be a wonderful friend.

Now if you are an atheist or have a belief system that doesn't include post-terran reunions there is a last meeting. Each time you get together with a healthy friend it might be the last. They could walk outside and die in a thousand different ways. If one were living their life with this belief system and living truly aware one would make each moment special. One would truly cherish the movements; truly appreciate the time spent together.

I think it would be too depressing to treat everyone as if we would never see them again, and wow would it make me clingy. However if we could appreciate all our friends as if we are not allowed to take their presence for granted we would be much better friends.

Wow am I sappy late at night

Current Mood: sappy
Current Music: Saturday They'll All Be Back Again - David Wilcox

I think it would be too depressing to treat everyone as if we would never see them again...

I had never associated my difficulty seperating with my atheism, but maybe the two are associated. I do truly savor my parting hugs and kisses as though they could be the last. Clingy? Yeah, I've been called that.

I like you sappy.

I think that's essentially what John Lennon was saying in Imagine, in a more global sense, of course.

I believe in an afterlife, but I also try to treat meetings with the people I cherish as if it were the last. Not the last time I will ever see them in all of eternity, but the last time I will see them for a this life. Maybe it's because I have lost people whom I love deeply without having taken the time to communicate to them how important they are and have been to me. Of course, I believe that they know it and are still with me, but it makes life easier if you can have good feelings and closure. The knowledge that each moment was meaningful and fulfilled. Isn't that what life is about? Making the most of each and every moment we have on this planet? I'm sure I'm explaining this poorly, but my Little One requires my speedy attention so I must away. :)

I've thought about that a lot lately... Actually, my whole life... It is really sad. :( Life is scary. We're all so vulnerable.