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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Quiet night (well except for all the noise I was making)

I decided against going bowling tonight; I didn't want to spread my cold. My nose is pretty much finished playing its silly game of drip-the-snot-on-the-Matt. Not as much fun as pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, but they both require snot nosed kids. Today I have a slight cough though.

I stayed at home and played my guitar. I started back going through an exercise book called "Pumping Nylon". It is pretty cool and a really quick way to tire your hand out. I spent some time working on a simple faruca. I think I am getting much better at the feel of it. I wanted to practice the tongas I have, but couldn't seem to find the music. When I deciced to go to bed I was humming something and then spent the next hour playing on the piano. So much for going to bed early. Every time I spend an evening playing music, I really wish I could get myself to take the time required on a regular basis to get better, I just never seem to.


Can you explain to me the "You're only jewish if your mom's jewish" thing?
My nephew's dad is jewish, so is he not jewish?


Depends who you ask.

Reconstructionist Jews allow father or mother to be Jewish.
Reform Jews, it depends on the temple, mostly what ever the parents decide, or when the child gets older; on the child.
Conservative, mother.
Orthodox, mother.

History. If you look in the bible, paternity is what decided if the child was Jewish. Even today, your tribe is determined by the father (for instance I am Kohanim because my father is).
Somewhere along the line it changed, due to invaders raping women. Back then you could only prove maternity at birth, so it was switched to the mother.

There are people who will say it must be the mother and not accept him as Jewish. Those people can go fuck themselves.
You really can't win with fundamentalists of any type. There are those who would say I am not Jewish because I don't belong to an orthodox shul. Those people can go fuck themselves also.