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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Woe is I

* said with back of the wrist held to forehead, head tilted back slightly *
Woe is I.
* end Sarah Bernhardt moment *

Ok so it is just a slight cold and other than congestion I am feeling just fine. I decided against going to a party tonight because of the cold I really don't want to spread it. Should be a fun party, strippers and a beach theme. Many people who will probably be there I would very much like to see in bathing suits.

I am in the city tonight, biding time on the barge. I promised a friend of mine a ride home from the train station late tonight. I will probably head out somewhere quiet. I brought my bluetooth keyboard and will try to get it working with my cell phone. The build I have of Windows Mobile now supports my bluetooth keyboard. I might head to a quiet place and play. Although, I am not sure there are any quiet places in Fremont on Saturday night. I also need to think of what I want for dinner.

loitl and I went to our first auction where we were actually going to bid on a house. It was a good week for a run through as there were not many houses at the auction. We ran late mostly due to my bank, but now I know the best/fastest way to get certified checks of different denominations for the auction. When we got there the house we were interested in had already gone up for auction. It went for much more than we were willing to pay, so it wasn't a real issue.

I decided it took to long to go through the over 200 houses each week that are in the database. So after the auction I wrote a program to grab the data from the webpage (to make it easy, I just save the webpage to my local drive) and put it in CSV format so I can easily open it in excel and start sorting and deleting houses that don't meet the criteria. I didn't spend too much time on it, something about the Snohomish county ones screwed up my parsing. I didn't spend any time debugging it though, it is probably pretty simple. If I ever have time I will have it read the parsing constraints from a file so it will be easier to update if they change their format. There are a couple of other tweaks I would like to make to the parser. I will also probably add some items to the output such as computing what the minimum CMA needs to come in at for considering a bid. Also probably do some presorting based on some of our criteria.

The robins have started eating my salmonberries, they should enjoy them as there is no way I will be able to eat them all.

I am going in to business with my father (yes, I am pretty dumb for a smart guy). It is too good an opportunity to ignore, and my brother-in-law (B-I-L) who has amazing business sense and is very detail oriented is going to be in charge of the financials. My father and his partner will have credit cards with very low limits and that is the only discretionary spending they can do (unless they prove they are foolish with even this small amount). We also have my father's ex-boss (F-E-B) as a partner and he has agreed to handle the business/employee relationship with my father. This is great because B-I-L and I didn't want my father managing a work crew but we knew we were going to have problems with telling him why. F-E-B was more than willing to just outright tell him. F-E-B is also a fairly wealthy man who knows the business very well, he also knows what my father and his partner are capable of and more importantly what they are not capable of. This could be very promising or just another column in my log book of money lost because of my father. Only time will tell.

My dad's partner emailed me about setting up a website. Not something I have really done since I started an ISP (1995-1996). Not something I have ever done without my own server where I could do whatever the hell I wanted, all my pages were generated on the fly from C++ code code I wrote and text files I would update. I even wrote my own HTML extensions to write and get data from the files (I am sure my website would be hacked to peices in short order now-a-days) to have HTML variables and looping control structures. I called it EHTML. The EHTML page would be sent to my CGI script that would parse it, run it, and produce standard HTML. I think this is similar to how ASP works, I should sue. Although I don't know jack about ASP.
Anyway I did some research and am testing out godaddy hosting with one of my domains that has been sitting unused, hotbibabes.com. It will be a few days before the transfer is complete, but I can use that to see if godaddy will do what is needed. After I get it setup I will probably be giving out email addresses yourname@hotbibabes.com (I know I will be using this address for business purposes). It supposedly has webmail and pop3 services. Don't bother asking for an address now, I will post when it is up and running, you can ask then.

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I remember many moons ago when you told me about reserving hotbibabes for your future. THe future is now, eh? Very cool.

I am sure you know what you're doing, but truthfully I really do want to hear the long version of why you decided to go into business within several degrees of separation with/from your father. It sounds like you've thought it out. Maybe we can do lunch this week and you can tell me the sordid details.
let me know when is good for you

I can explain it easily

he's gone foo foo nuts. Well, that's my personal opinion, actually. Nevermind. ;)

Re: I can explain it easily

What is foo foo nut, is that some fancy nut you can only by in a fancy, trendy, posh, nut store.

Yeah, I am foo foo nuts, hear me snore!

Like Terri says

I am nuts.

I will check my calender tomorrow. Wednesday lunch looks like it might be good.

The party was fun :)

And yes, there were people there that you do want to see in a bathing suit :)

All two pieces... except when certain people lost on of their pieces. Oops!

If it helps any...

I offer hosting services... And I'm more that willing to help you with hotbibabes. Even a domain of the same name :)

Re: If it helps any...

I will keep that in mind. I paid for a year of hosting on GoDaddy. But I could possibly switch the domains.

I'll let you know. Thanks!

hey you
I've missed you.


You've missed my posts or your have missed my person. It is a shame we didn't get to spend more (much) time together when you were here.

Re: Awww


and I agree - we need to hang out when I come visit.


Hot bibabes? Investing in your Dad's business venture? Did the world turn upside-down when I wasn't looking?