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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Dream a little dream of tighty-whities

Much time has gone by without me posting. I have been busy at work, busy with yard work, and I bought a new car. I love my Prius. I managed to get just under 50 miles per gallon on my first tank of gas. The person who works in the office next to mine says when I learn how to drive it I will get over 50.

I didn't manage to win the lottery, which means I will have to continue working and not be able to pursue my real dream. Someday I will be a gay underwear model, just not right now. Granted there are a few challenges beyond money, but one can dream.

Current Mood: Heterosexual and wearing pants

gay underwear model or not.. I like you JUST the way you are.
Are you up for scheduling some lunch sometime? My schedule is much more open now.
glad to see you here.

Yes, lunch yes

That would be good.


Do bears wear underwear?

Prius is gay, of course....

Well, this explains the gay dreams..

Just how widespread are such beliefs? The Prius was recently identified by listeners to the popular NPR show "Car Talk" as "the ultimate gay and lesbian car." Asked to choose between a Prius and a 2006 military-style, Duramax turbo-diesel V-8 Hummer H1, members of the popular conservative Web site Free Republic, the so-called "freepers" were quick to throw their weight behind the Hummer, dismissing the hybrid cuties as "vegan weenie" cars.


I *love* my Prius -- I've had it about six months now. I'm not getting mileage nearly as good as yours, though, owing mainly to some pretty steep elevation changes on my daily commute. My per-tank average is around 44 if I don't let tithonium drive. :)