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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Look the sun

There is a mail folder at work where people post various gripes, complaints, or peeves. Such as:
Peeve: Dino Rossi

Sometimes it might be more specific:
Peeve: Dino Rossi is a whiny bitch.

Sometimes people might even post something positive:
Antipeve: Dino Rossi, the whiny bitch, is not our governor.

Many rainy winters there are a lot of posts peeving about all the rain and the general lack of sunshine. Many rainy, gray, winter days Meryl would post:
(In a purple font) Look the sun is shining (she often didn't bother with the approved 'peeve\antipeeve' format.

This would lead to a lot of posts from people wanting some of what Meryl was smoking. Meryl thought peoples' reactions to the posts were pretty funny. She felt that there is nothing like blue skies and sunny days, real or not, to cheer you up during the Seattle winters.

I left work early last Friday; I wasn't really able to work after learning that Meryl died the previous night. On the way home the reporter on NPR said, "The rain and clouds will continue throughout the rest of the day and the weekend".

Antipeeve: I looked up and there was a blue sky with almost no clouds.
Thank you, Meryl.

Current Music: Jeffrey Gaines, Toward the Sun (played intentionally)
What a beautiful tribute

and so she lives on...........

thank you for sharing this,
I know Meryl was important to you, and special.

I am grateful to know her through you.