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Annoying is the Enemy of Smart

There are a few new offices being set up on my floor and for the past few days a large white board has been sitting outside one of them with this line written at the top: "Good is the Enemy of Great". I understand what they are trying to say, but I find the sentiment annoying. It seems like it comes from one of those management seminars or some equally crappy productivity enhancing event. I can see Tony Robbins towering over a conference of people saying this as he waving his giant hands around; the people in the front row fearing for their lives, thinking, "What if one of those things hits me, I can't really tell how far he is because the light bouncing off his teeth is blinding me".

Today I grabbed my white board marker and wrote beneath it:
"Aphorisms are the Enemy of Common Sense"

I wonder if anyone will find it amusing. I should start holding conferences and when anyone repeats an aphorism I shall smack them with the severed hand of Tony Robbins.

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