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Catch me if you can

On Sat I decided that I had enough of my pants hanging at half-mast. In August these were the pants I was going to have to up-size because they were getting too tight. I bought two new pairs with 30 inch waists. I almost bought the 29, it was a close call between the two. I also threw out all my old underwear; they are making it too good now-a-days. Usually by 15 years they disintegrate and I just buy them when their numbers dwindle down too far.
Terri will be half pleased with my new choice of undies. They are not tighty-whities, but they are not boxers like she wanted me to wear. I also bought a few new shirts while I was there (they were on sale).

Today I went to the gym and found out I have fallen below the 140 mark. Much better then 158, even I am starting to think my belly is disappearing. The best part of the gym today was that I ran a mile in 6m56s. I think when I was young and fast I ran a mile in 7m04s. This is the best time I have ever been clocked at. Time to see how fast I can run two miles. 36 years to break the 7 minute mile. At this rate I will be 936 years old and running a marathon in just over 3 hours. Young whipper-snappers see if you can catch me.

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