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Water wars

Damn monopoly cards. My neighborhood has gotten the dreaded card and it is late enough in the game to not just laugh and drop it into the discard pile.

In order to join the neighbors in their angry tirade, I had to write a letter protest the assessment. I hope I didn't overdo it:
November 14, 2004

Re: Public hearing on final assessment for Utility Local Improvement Districts (ULID) No. 9 and 10.

To: Board of Commissioners

This is my official protest of the assessment levied against myself and assessments levied against others in ULID 9. I am objecting both to the amount and to the manner of the assessment. A near 40% increase from estimated costs to final costs is unconscionable. To have such an increase with absolutely no communication while these costs were being incurred, nor any information then or now as to why these costs were incurred borders on criminal.

I have heard many refer to this fiasco as a "bait and switch" scam. Some say they are being a bit harsh, I feel they are being too kind. Victims of bait and switch can at least leave the store without buying the overpriced product. Victims of the water district are being told they cannot leave the store without the product; they must pay!

I expect a cost breakdown of the work done, with highlights of the cost overruns at every point. I expect a separate letter apology for each overrun from the person responsible and another letter from the water district apologizing for not informing us sooner. I also require you think long and hard how you can lower the cost burden you have placed upon the people on ULID 9. Then I will being to consider paying the assessment.

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