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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Banking fun

I have been doing a good job keeping the correct amount of money in my checking account to handle any outstanding checks. I don't think I have bounced a check in years. Due to a small brain fart and some exceptionally long processing of a good size check (given by hand on Sept 30th, 2004) I managed to bounce two checks today.

It looked pretty odd at first.
Large Check comes in: New balance $26.60
Check for $423.15 comes in: Bounce, $20 NSF Fee, balance $6.60
Check for $250.00 comes in: Paid, $20 NSF Fee, balance (263.40)
Check for $25 comes in: Bounce, $20 NSF Fee, balance (283.40)

It took me a bit to figure out it, but apparently I have $250 overdraft protection. This explains why they bounced the first check and paid the second, What is strange is that I thought I had overdraft protection equal to what is in my savings account. I need to call them tomorrow.

What makes this annoying is the checks they bounced were for:
Department of Licensing: $423.15
Redmond Court: $25.

Something tells me these are going to be both annoying and expensive bounces.

Current Mood: Mildly Annoyed
Current Music: Rocking Teenage Combo: 6/4 Getaway

I'd be annoyed too..

Most places will automatically resubmit checks once, so it might not be a big deal.


I have been watchinf my account today to see if that would happen, nothing yet (although it is a little quick for it to be happening).

I spoke with the bank today and they have set it up so that my savings will stop checks from bouncing in the future.

Actually banks are worse than crappy. When a person gets close to overdrafting, they will wait for a large check to come in and process that one first so that all the other small checks will also be overdrafted as well. I was told this by a Bank of America employee. This is how they pay for stupid tv ads. Do I use banks ? No. I use credit unions.