Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Bandia June, 2000

Bandia is a small village somewhere in Senegal a few hours outside Dakar. Mapthe's brother-in-law is a Dr and travels to the village when he can to give them needed free medical treatment. He must always bring at least one person with him so the other person can keep people from coming in while he washes his hands between people. Apparently they would be very insulted if they saw him washing his hands after touching them

Like all the children I had seen in Africa the children of Bandia are very friendly. Unlike the children nearer Dakar, these children did not once ask for a cadeau (gift, usually money). I also didn't once hear Tubab (Wolof slang for a white person) as I often heard while walking in Terra Azure. The children had little toy cars, handmade from empty cans and sticks.

Dave showed them how to play soccer with a few small sticks and some rocks. They really liked this. They were also really impressed with my rock juggling. I wished I had brought an acrylic ball so they could see some contact juggling. I had brought it to Africa but not to the village.

There were some amazing trees

Which we walked to and climbed.

One of the fallen ones had some very cool insect tracks etched into it.

Some peace corps folk (or some similar group) had been there and installed some solar panels. I am not sure what they were supposed to power and I think I was told it wasn't working.

The corps folk had also built a few cement structures, this French-Wolof chart was inside one. For some reason the villagers didn't like them.

They preferred their own homes. Note, that is not an air-conditioner, that is some sort of corrugated plastic (probably roofing) to allow light.

There was an old well that had essentially run dry.

They didn't keep it covered. It looked like a long way down.

The corps folk built them a new well with a pump. This they loved and used.

They really enjoyed walking around with us, I guess village life doesn't lead to a lot of new funny coloured people very often. Bill recorded them singing some childhood songs.

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