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Sailing and the Moon

Went sailing tonight with joystormer and R. It was lots of fun, it was a beautiful night for sailing. We went all around Elliot Bay. It was Joystormer's and 'R' date night, and I am glad they had a good time on the sailboat. I was a little concerned if they didn't like it, it might be like me picking their date for them in someway or intruding in.

Tonight is another beautiful full moon and it looks fantastic over the water. I tried to take pictures again tonight, we will see how they come out.

So if the moon were to break, and stop working, we would probably as a planet want to fix it, it influences a lot of things in our life, both physically and metaphysically. I assume the wealthy countries would pay for it, but you never know, they might pay for it, but do part of it as a loan for the poorer countries and make them produce tabacco for philip morris to pay off the debt, or just buy more tabacco from phillip morris. So if the moon breaks, make sure you smoke alot.

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