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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Living six miles north of nowhere

I really miss the city but this past day has reminded me once again of why I like living in the middle of nowhere.

I arrived home last night after Tai Chi at about 9:30 and couldn't help noticing the sky; there were stars in every square inch (yes, I know this is not physically possible, gravity and all that). After I said hello to Barney I shut off all the lights and we went out in back and on the porch. It was fantastic, I spent a good half hour just looking at the stars. There is an optical illusion where the moon seems much smaller when it is higher in the sky, there is nothing to compare it too like there is when it is near the horizon. When you look at all those stars you realize just how small a part of the universe your life encompasses. When there is noone else around to give you perspective this only increases. The universe was bigger than it ever was last night (yes I know it is even bigger today because the universe is expanding).

This morning I was moving a recently fallen branch from the driveway and when I looked up I there was a doe about 15 feet away trying to figure out what I was doing and why I was playing with dead branches when there was all this good green stuff to eat. I decided to just stay and watch her. Within a few minutes a little fawn probably no bigger than my dog Barney trotted up next to her from around the bend and started chomping at the butter cup. Then the daddy came, he wasn't a very old papa as his antlers were a little thin and only about a foot long. They alternated between eating and looking at me. The doe had big ears with a black fringe around the edges and she kept sending them sticking out in various directions, up, down, sideways, and flat against her head. After some time the fawn decided to trot closer to me, when it was no more than 10 feet the doe raised her head and opened her mouth. No sound came out that I could hear but the fawn stopped and didn't get any closer. They stayed and chomped some more then headed off casually into the woods. I walked over to where they went in, but couldn't see any sign of them.

Current Mood: Sylvan
Current Music: George Winston - Autumn

I always love reading your posts.
I'm hopeful that being on dialup will still allow you to post frequently.

Look forward to mucho power outages out where you live during winter, unfortunately. And, it gets snowy up there too.
You got lotsa firewood... I know.

Whatta sight! Your new home always makes me feel good when I am there and with great company. This aerial picture is GREAT! Stop talking about it or I am coming over!

Good. Come over. Let me know when.

I love you.