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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Solstice Sunburn

The Fremont solstice parade was on Saturday. It was a really cool parade, except as krow pointed out, they had a really large gap at one point. This caused many people to believe the parade was over. At one 5 minute gap, joystormer and I decided it was over also, it wasn't but the acceptance of this decision caused our brains to be finished and we decided to tour that vendor tents. It was mobbed! I didn't know that many people could actually fit in Fremont. Joystormer bought an alien marionette, and I bought a solstice hair clip.

Since I couldn't go anywhere after the fair, because all roads leading to my car were closed, Joystormer sat on the Adobe lawn and I played guitar while her Alien danced.

Someone actually stopped to listen with his little kid, I happened to be playing Pachabel's Cannon (in D) with a Rhumba rhythm. I have been working on my triplet rasgueado and I am getting much better at it. He thought it was really cool and thanked me.

Later when the roads reopened, I dropped Joystomer off at her home, she had ridden the bus down. We took Barney with us, he likes to go for car rides. We stopped at Ravenna park and walk around for a bit with Barney, he likes it there. Lots of squirrels.

We rented Happy Texas last night. It was a cute movie, nothing special, but a good relaxing watch.

Joystormer and I both got Sunburned during the day. Nothing serious, mine doesn't even look like a burn today.


ein_traum was a lobster, and I have a little bit of red on one arm.

I saw a lot of people walking around who were completly red.

slippery SPF action

Well, I always slather myself with SPF 45... as I burn so easily. I sometimes get embarrassed that my skin is all slippery and greasy with the stuff.. but on the other hand... I really hate being a lobster,... it's uncomfortable. And sunburn makes me tired too. Hope you guys are all back to normal soon!