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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Multi Multidog dreams

The other night I dreamed I was out camping with Barney and joystormer. I walked out of the cabin in the morning and Barney was walking around without a leash. I went over and told him he was silly, he knows he needs a leash. After I had finished placing a leash on him, Heather walked up with another Barney. She said they had gotten up early and gone for a walk.
Barney and the second Barney got along just fine. But we realized we needed to find where Barney number two lived. So we walked down to the bottom of the hill where the caretaker's cabin was and asked them if they knew to whom Barney two belong. Apparently he belonged at the caretaker's cabin and was the spiritual guide for some Buddist Monk who was living there.

About a week ago I dreamed I was teaching Barney how to speak. I had a treat and said, "Speak Barney".
Barney said, "Barney".
"No, you were supposed to bark".
Barney said, "Sorry".
I said, "OK, lets try it your way. Speak".
Barney barked.
"No talk this time".
Barney said, "Oh, sure"
There was much more to this dream involving Barney being philosophical and also noting that there was a talking cat on the TV and pointing out that a talking cat is stupid; cats can't talk.

A month or so ago I had a dream that I had two Barneys. One was the normal size Barney (60lbs when I am not overfeeding him) and the other one was much more Chewy sized (100lbs). The both were not friendly to strangers and some little girl kept petting them. I tried but was unable to get her to stop.