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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Company picnic, I mean meeting

Email from above has announced that at this company meeting they will be serving Krispy Kreame Doughnuts. Oh how I cherish the lovely round rings of warm heroin. Ride the white doughnut, ride the wicked white doughnut.

Anyway, I decided if this lack of crack (i.e. refined sugar) diet wasn't working for me I would partake of the grease soaked joy, health and heart be damned!

When I weighed myself at the gym today I was 7lbs lighter. Damn, no doughnut; I hear they are made with the stiffened hearts of republicans anyway.

It might not seem like much, but I am not that heavy (now 150lbs) and the weight itself it not what I am really interested in. I don't care if I get heavier if I can lose the extra fat I have. I refuse to buy the next size pants. I have been told my stomach looks less jutting (although it still looks bulbous to me, but I have to admit it looks less strained) and I do think my face is a little less fleshy than it was.

So 7/157 = 4.5% weight loss in three weeks. That seems healthy and sustainable and I haven't fooled my body into thinking it is dying of starvation while eating high fat foods.


You are going to be in class, yes? ;-)

WOW! That is great, Matt! :)
Riding the white donut is totally like heroin, as soon as you come down you feel like shit and want another donut to feel better :)

I remember when you weighed less than 120 lbs and were a monkey. Wow... was that really more than a decade ago???? Crap! I'm getting old!!!