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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Wenatchee National Forest

tavalon, joystormer, and I went camping in the Wenatchee National Forest this weekend. We had originally planned to spend some time in Levenworth, but having Barney in the car with no real shady spot to park, and thier being a throng of people for labor day weekend, and the fact that is really didn't look that interesting, led us to just pass through it (exception being gas and a quick stop for food).

The first place we stayed was nice, but it wasn't all that interesting (I don't remember the name of the area). Barney had a great time as there were tons and tons of squirrels. A women next to us wanted to say 'Hi' to Barney but I told her it was a bad idea since he is unpredictable. I later borrowed a can opener from them and found that they were from Seattle and lived on a Barge up the canal from mine.

The second place was much nicer, I think it was called "White Falls" or something. When we arrived there were not many people around, the only large group, with lots of kids, were just there for the day. We ended up with a fairly private spot (the one closest to us was empty). There was a trail heading up to a beautiful view of the falls from the top of a large rock. Wow I really need to get a charger for my camera battery.

It was a nice ride home, except Barney was being a bit of a pain. He growled at tavalon when she was only trying to make him more comfortable in the chair. I figured out this morning why, he has a rock or a thorn in one of his pads. I will be getting a tweezers on the way home from work to pull it out. This should be fun.

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Current Music: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child - Louis Armstrong