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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
King George

Went to see a movie today at Redmond Town Center (Aliens vs. Predator, I recommend you not see it) and the mall was flowing with security. The top floor of the parking garage was closed off, there were police on either sides of the bridges leading to the mall, and there were police stationed on the second level across from the Marriott where the movie theatre is.

It is possible they expected such and outrage about the Alien vs. Predator movie that there were expecting riots. But I think not (although it was pretty bad), the police would not confirm who might be staying there; it must be someone important they are getting ready to close some on ramps to 520.

I think I figured out who it is. George Bush will be having a fundraiser in Medina. $2500/person dinner. $5000 gets you a photo with George, $25,000 and you get a private meeting, and for $30,000 you get to punch him in the stomach. So with this information I am able to fully put the pieces together and I realized they are expecting Michael Moore or Al Frankin to make a showing. They are waiting at the Marriott to arrest whichever shows up.

On a similar note. I it would be pretty easy to write a program that randomly mails an innocent email (or one of many) containing many words that carnivore would pick up. I wonder how much noise that would add to the system. I wonder how many people I could get to run it, as tempting as it would be I wouldn't write a virus, but I bet there are enough people who care enough to run it. Of course it would be only to help the government better their filters, that's the ticket.


Read up on how much George is willing to foot the bill for all of those cops that communities have to pay for.

Quick note :) Since we didn't get together, I'll file for an additonal extension of time for taxes (you'll have until October 15th). When would be good to exchange info?


Thanks. I do want to get this done ASAP. I will get everything together (it just about is) and put it in my bag so I have it here in Redmond.

((scrounges all her pants pockets and sofa cushions to see if there's $30k in there))

coolest day ever

Sitting on the freeway headed north to Diablo we see the motorcade and george waving at everyone, I saw him really good and my first instinct kicked right in and up my middle finger flew right at him!
It was great, I flipped off the president and this time he wasn't behind a glass screen in my living room, he was 600 yards away.
:) Oh, by the way, some other people were doing the same :)

Re: coolest day ever

George was coming from Diablo; that makes sense.