Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein


It is review time at Microsoft. Something different about the new group I am in is that they actually schedule a division-wide review day. Where we are supposed to take the day to work on our reviews. It is a pretty cool idea, in my last group everyone just threw them together at the last minutes and the review discussions were usually times to add the stuff you forgot.

One strange change this year is that we are no longer writing review goals; instead we are writing review "commitments". Is it possible that if I fail on my review; I will now not only be fired but sued by Microsoft? Perhaps next year they will not be called 'performance reviews', but instead we will start calling them performance contracts'? I must be sick, I actually like this idea (provided they promise us compensation ahead of time).

Today is 'review day' and I wore my "Microsoft Judgment Day" T-Shirt. My new manager managed to realize the appropriateness of the shirt.

I am in the middle of decided to add this 'Commitment' to my 'Contract'.
I commit to not making fun of people taller than myself; at least not during normal business hours. The temptation to taunt those of greater altitude has been more than I could handle in the past; due to the fact this is about everyone I work with, it was detrimental to both my productivity and was an obstacle to the necessary camaraderie that should exist between coworkers. I will however need to find another outlet for my acrid sense of world placement; this could easily be satisfied by making fun of the way my coworkers dress. I do not feel this would be detrimental to my productivity as I could make up the remarks when I am at home, since many people here wear the same clothes for weeks at a time. I also think the level of camaraderie will not be affected since it is obvious by their very dress that people here do not care what people think about the way they clothe themselves.

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