Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

5 22

A few months ago my friend Meryl was in the hospital. She had been getting radiation for her throat cancer and was not eating. This caused complications that lead her to have to go to the hospital. She had pneumonia and other issues. She was there for about a month.

One of the times when I went to visit her, when she was still on morphine drip, she told me she kept seeing Barney (my dog) in her room. Once, after she stopped talking for a bit, when she started again, she told me that she had just been giving surveys to dogs. She was using the button that delivers the morphine drip to record the dogs'answers; once for 'no', twice for 'yes'.

A few minutes later she told me Barney was just there again and told her 5 22. She said she didn't know what it meant, but she knew it wasn't 5:22 like the time.

Today is May 22nd (5-22). I am wondering if something is going to happen today.

Meryl agreed to a feeding tube and was able to leave the hospital. She finished up her chemo and radiation last month and is doing much better. She is eating again and feeling great.

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