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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

On my way to lunch I noticed a mother duck (Mallard) and two ducklings sitting by a storm drain. There was a crow that kept coming towards them, but the mother kept chasing it off. The two people showed up with a basket and I realized what was going on. A bunch of ducklings had fallen through the storm drain.

The problem with getting them was that they kept running in to the culverts (not sure if that is the right word, connection tubes between the drains) and hiding. It is hard work as the water line is down about 15 feet (only about 3 feet of water) so someone has to be down in the cold water to get them into the basket.

We were able to call six of them out and reunite them with their mother and siblings (they are soooo soft and cute) but there are at least three down their still. The appear to be hiding about 30 feet in the culvert between the drains. We can only get the drain off on one side as the other is a manhole with a cover that requires some special tool.

It almost seems a waste knowing how badly Mallard's take care of their young, but it was impossible not to try. We are going to check it again in a half an hour to see if they moved closer to the end of the culvert.


Poor little duckies!! Good luck getting them out!!!

I hope you guys can rescue them all safely!

Eric (my husband) and I were discussing bringing some chicks home from the feed store and raising them in the backyard, but it seems like a lot or work to build a good coop for them, also makes it harder to vacation.

I still want to meet up at some point if you are still interested. ;-)


Although it sounds as if we are both heading out of town soon (I'll be gone next week). We should meet up when we get back.