Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Last night's dream

Last night's dream is mostly a blur; it was a particularly long one and for some part of it, I was not the star. It was about someone else. I think this might be the first dream I have ever had where I was not me; I was a long haired women who was also a killer (and no, I haven't been to see Kill Bill V2 yet). I was running around an unfamiliar city, lots of cobblestones and old street lights. The police did manage to catch up with me, but I floated up into the air about 20 feet, laughed, brought my hands in front of me of me which caused me to fly rapidly backward. I landed on the lawn at Adobe, and I was now me, home at the barge which was not emptied of all my stuff.
I don't remember much more until the end of the dream, except that I did run across the surface of Lake Union later that night.
My stomach felt strange and I lifted my shirt to find some large spots on my stomach, it spread up to my chest in the form of large lumps under the skin. The lumps got smaller and more frequent as it went up my chest. The worst was the palms of my hands, lots of small rounds reddish sores that would open and close randomly on their own as I watched them.
Someone told me what I had, I just smiled and watched all the sores, lumps, and spots fade away.

While it is nice that I was cured, the image of my palms is still making me a bit queasy. I am going to put some more hand lotion on now.

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